Expectations of Just Jobs Employees

Attendance – Zero tolerance on attendance. Our employees will be at work at least ten (10) minutes

                          before your start of shift. Return from breaks on time.                                                                                        

Good Attitude – You are expected to get along with your coworkers. Be pleasant and courteous. Say “please” and “thank you”.

                          Respect others’ space and position.                                                                                             

Good Workers – Just Jobs employees work smarter than any other employee. We get our jobs done on time, an when we are caught

                           up we make sure our workstations are neat and orderly.                        

Dependable – Make sure your job is done on time, neat and orderly. Try to do all that is of you and a little extra.

                          This is a Just Jobs trademark.                                                                                       

Follow Instructions – Just Jobs employees ask their supervisors daily how they are performing. Also, ask your supervisor how you

                           can improve yourself.                                                                                                       

Be Responsible – Just Jobs employees do not like, or participate in irresponsible or trouble making actions. To avoid this, make a list

                            of your responsibilities and stick to it. This will help you develop a responsible work pattern.                                                                                   

Team Work – Just Jobs expects you to make a commitment to yourself to become a team player. Be willing to take advice on what

                          approach will make you the best worker.                                                                                              

Always Work Together


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What Employers expect from Just Job Employees

Listening – Listens carefully when instructions are given for a job, remember what to do, and ask questions about any instructions that aren’t clear. There is no such thing as a dumb question – just a dumb mistake if you do not ask.                                                                                               Attendance – Good attendance on the job. Just Jobs wants you at your job ten (10) minutes before your shift starts. We do not expect you to miss any time.                                                                                        Emotional Honesty – Is being able to speak up tactfully and say what is on your mind. Do not hide true feelings so others know where they stand with him/her. This will eliminate hassles on the job. Remember to be courteous and say “thank you”.                   

Understanding of Others – Tries to understand what others around you feel, think and want. You must be professional, courteous and polite, and should expect to be treated the same.                                      

Punctuality – Just Jobs wants you at your job ten (10) minutes before your shift starts, and return from breaks on time.                                

Risk-Taking – Willing to take the initiative; do more than you are expected to do; take on additional responsibility when situations call for it. Learn your job and be the best employee on the job.          

Perseverance – When working under pressure, is able to stick with it; does not abandon the job and the people you are working with.

Appearance – Good personal appearance appropriate to your job situation. This includes hygiene, brushed teeth, combed hair, etc.   

Uses Feedback – Constructive criticism used positively will make you the best employee on the job. Teamwork – Is being able to develop a group feeling with the group you work with. Remember, it takes everyone on the team to be a winning team. Then everyone gets a championship ring.  


DISCUSSION QUESTIONS                                                                  

Which of these characteristics come easy to you – you don't have any trouble with?

Which of these characteristics do you think you need to work on, or need to make an effort to change?